Hi, I’m Justin

Photographer, co-founder of the Instant Film Society, husband, father of three, musician, music collector and letter-snapper.

How it started

The idea to create an alphabet out of Polaroids stemmed from the anticipation of the birth of my first-born daughter. I wanted to create something special for her to hang in her nursery that was eye catching and also could be used to eventually teach her letters in the alphabet. What started out as one complete alphabet set, has grown to a few (one for each of my daughters) and a project I have been working on for a decade. I now look for numbers, symbols and other alphanumeric gems while on the road, family trips, outings, etc.


After a lot of nudging from a close friend of mine (the other co-founder of the Instant Film Society, Daniel Rodrigue) and my wife, Synthia, I’ve decided to offer “Polphabet” sets for anyone that may be interested. The alphabet sets can be used in children’s room or their classrooms. The polaroid-sized letters could spell something special at a wedding, around the house, etc. The options are endless.

The alphabet cards are all created from authentic Polaroids of found letters throughout the southern United States over a span of 10 years.